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DUI Defense

We preserve and enforce your rights by fully investigating the facts surrounding the alleged offense and the police procedures utilized during your traffic stop, the DUI field investigation, and subsequent collection, processing, and handling of blood alcohol evidence.
Post Conviction Relief Attorney

Post-Conviction Relief

We have experience with getting felony convictions reduced to misdemeanors (including Proposition 47), getting misdemeanors dismissed and expunged from clients’ records, and filing pardon petitions and certificates of rehabilitation.
Man involved in crime- Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense

A qualified criminal defense attorney can talk to prosecutors before your case is filed, which in many cases results in a “DA Reject” – where no case is ever filed against you; in other cases, the charges filed are lesser than they otherwise would have been.
revoked license defense attorney to solve license problems

Traffic & Moving Violation Crimes

We are well versed in the enforcement of traffic laws, the motor vehicle code, and police procedures, and we can help protect your freedom to drive with effective traffic defense strategies.

100% Client Satisfaction

Our clients rave about our services. For every client we have served, there is a story that seemed dire, until we stepped in to help.

Why Choose Us?

ServicePublic DefenderBudget AttorneyCriminal Defense Heroes, P.C.
Appear in court+++
Appear in court without you there (PC 977)+
Appear at DMV HearingBy PhoneIn Person
Police Training in DUI Investigations+
Standardized Field Sobriety Test Trained+
Advanced Roadside Impaired Driver Education Trained+
Understand Ignition Interlock Device Options+
Negotiate with Prosecutor++
Tells you to accept first or "standard" offer++Never!
Challenges the evidence in your case+
Connects client with treatment service providers+
Connects client with IID providers+
Connects client with preferred Insurance providers+
Easy to contact via phone+
Easy to contact via e-mail+
Easy to contact via text message+
Request DMV hearing within 10 days of arrest++
Subpoena arresting officer to DMV hearing+
Subpoena audio/video evidence+
Subpoena crime lab evidence+
Explore diversion options - Mental Health, Military, Other+
Understand science of breath tests+
Understand science of blood tests+
Has a breath testing device in office+
Has police training manuals for DUI investigations+
Walk clients through classes, community service, etc.+
Order blood split to test at independent lab+
Member of California DUI Lawyers Association+
Member of National College for DUI Defense+
Reviews Police Report++
Watches Body Camera and Dash Camera Footage+

Our Law Team Beliefs

  • We treat clients like friends and family, not like criminals.
  • We know law and procedure better than most law enforcers.
  • We give clients direct and honest advice and council.
  • We faithfully serve clients with a 100% satisfaction rate.
  • We believe in making the world a better place inside and outside of the courtroom.

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