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“Don is one of the best in metro LA.”

Highly recommended as I have retained Don Hammond Esq. for civil cases involving trials. After disappointing results from 4 other attorneys, I can directly compare quality of work I received, and say that Don is one of the best in metro LA.

I suggest you at least make an appointment for initial consultations with him. All attorneys have his/her practice areas. Don is good, but your case must be within his specialties. Hiring a right attorney for the case is most important.

— Page M.

"Don worked his magic and got his case dismissed with no court consequences."

Don was strongly recommended by a family friend we could not be any happier to have had him represent my brother. He is very honest and always answers the phone directly! My brother was facing a possible 2nd DUI; Don worked his magic and got his case dismissed with no court consequences.

P.s. My brother’s friend was also facing a felony DUI and on his first court appearance he dropped it from a felony to a misdemeanor (court case is still pending) but NOT with a felony charge.

If you’re in need of a great and honest lawyer, look no more, Don is your guy!

– Selene J.

"Don... helped me through one of the biggest storms in my life."

Getting in trouble can be unbelievably scary, and having someone in your corner makes the process quite a bit easier to handle. I am a corporate recruiter in Aerospace & Defense, a business owner, and an influential person within my church community.

Getting in any sort of trouble with the law has a serious impact on various parts of my life, as it would anyone else. Don Hammond was referred to me by a dear friend of mine. He was kind, patient, professional, and there for me at a very pivotal time in my life.

He showed up immediately (in the middle of the night) at the drop of a dime, with one simple call. Don eased my fears, answered my questions, and helped me through one of the biggest storms in my life. He would conveniently coordinate meetings close to where I was, he would even come to me when we needed to exchange paperwork, talk, etc.

I still call him from time to time with questions, and he always gets back to me within a few hours. I’m grateful for his services and would highly recommend working with Don.

– Melaine R.

“I think Don needs to be on top of your attorney list.”

An unexpected event can happen to anyone in life. If it has to do with a law enforcement though you have not damaged any individual, you need to defend against the law enforcement that is born to indict any individual with a dust. This is the time to hire one who can beat the enforcement on your behalf. That is a criminal defense attorney. Though a lot of them are out there it is

real hard to find one who works for the best possible result over an average compromise. I think Don is one qualified to the criteria in view of my personal experience. He understands how to make a professional approach to eliminate counts. If you live close to Torrance and happen to hire a criminal defense attorney, I think Don needs to be on top of your attorney list. Thank you, Don!

– Simon S.

“Thank you so much Don.”

If you are looking for an experienced attorney who knows exactly what they are doing look no further Don is the best lawyer ever. He knows the law better than anyone I have met.

He represented me in a criminal case and guess what no charges were filed against me, it’s like everything went away, Don is my go to lawyer from now on he is the only lawyer I will hire. Thank you so much Don.

— Roberto S.

"You took a lot of stress off my back."

Don is very reliable, and did his job well in my case. Reasonable and tells you like it is. I am pleased with his service and I know I can count

on him in the future. Thanks for all your help don. You took a lot of stress off my back.

– Kings V.

"He's gotten great results for everybody I have sent his way."

Don Hammond is my go to criminal defense attorney whenever any of my civil litigation clients or their families run into the need for a strong, impassioned and knowledgeable

advocate in the courtroom. And, he’s gotten great results for everybody I have sent his way. Very highly recommend Don Hammond.

– Zein E O.