Torrance Domestic Violence Lawyer – A Strong Defense for Your Domestic Violence Case

Torrance Domestic Violence Lawyer – Your Legal Guardian in Tough Times 

Welcome to Criminal Defense Heroes, P.C. in Torrance, CA

Domestic violence charges can happen to anyone, man or women. Domestic violence accusations can have long-lasting repercussions on your life and reputation. In such challenging times, you need a legal hero who can shield you. At Criminal Defense Heroes, P.C., our proficient and compassionate domestic violence lawyers stand ready to advocate for you. Deeply rooted in our commitment to serve the Torrance community, we consider it our mission to guide you through this tumultuous journey with both strength and empathy.

Criminal Defense Heroes P.C. Expertise in Domestic Violence Defense

As defenders of the accused, we recognize the nuances and intricacies of domestic violence cases. Our Torrance domestic violence lawyers have a vast spectrum of experience handling cases related to:

  1. Physical abuse Penal Code 13700 
  2. Elder abuse Penal Code Section 368
  3. Harassment and Stalking Penal Code 646.9
  4. Threats Penal Code 422 and Intimidation 
  5. Child endangerment Penal Code 273a
  6. Protective order violations  Penal Code 273.6
  7. Child abuse California Penal Code 273d

Our adept team is thoroughly familiar with California’s domestic violence laws and can construct a defense strategy tailored to the specifics of your situation. We are resolute in our mission to protect your rights, your reputation, and your future.

Why Entrust Criminal Defense Heroes, P.C. with Your Torrance Criminal Case?

Choosing the right domestic violence lawyer in Torrance is pivotal to the outcome of your case. Here’s why Criminal Defense Heroes, P.C. is the beacon of hope many have turned to:

  1. Experienced and skilled attorneys: Our legal champions possess years of hands-on experience in handling domestic violence cases in Torrance, ensuring you get unparalleled expertise.
  2. Empathetic approach: We blend our fierce advocacy with a deep understanding and empathy, recognizing the emotional turbulence many of our clients experience.
  3. Solid track record: Our consistent success stories are a testament to our unwavering dedication and mastery in handling domestic violence cases in Torrance.
  4. Community commitment: Firmly entrenched in our dedication to the Torrance community, we are relentless in our pursuit of justice, striving for a safer and harmonious society.
  5. Transparent communication: We maintain an open line of communication, ensuring you’re always informed, involved, and confident in your defense strategy.

Get Reliable Domestic Violence Representation in Torrance Today

If you or someone you know is embroiled in a domestic violence case in Torrance, you’re not alone in this fight. Our legal guardians at Criminal Defense Heroes, P.C. stand ready to guide, protect, and champion your cause. Contact our esteemed domestic violence lawyers in Torrance to discuss your case and understand your next best steps. Call (323) 529-3660 for a free consultation today.

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We help our clients triumph over adversity. Even if you committed a crime, you should not have to face the challenge alone or the harshest punishments. Together we can overcome any challenge. Our law office will not rest until your case is settled and your life is not just back on track, but even better than before. Tell us about your legal issue and our attorneys will respond promptly. 

Want protection?

Our extraordinary service goes the extra mile for you.

Being accused of a crime, is a very stressful time in your life.  We are committed to providing the best possible service to minimize your stress during this difficult time period.  We go the extra mile to help keep your life from falling apart.  Examples of extraordinary actions we have taken to help past clients include:

  • Recovering clients’ property from police/sheriff’s departments

  • Mailing clients’ property to family members

  • Coordinating transfer of storage unit to a clients’ family member

  • Getting clients’ vehicles from impound/tow yards and delivering it to safe place

  • Providing transportation to and from court

  • Calling clients’ family members to notify them of custody status

  • Calling clients’ employers to explain missed work

  • Subpoenaing clients’ medical records

  • Sending explanation letters regarding circumstances of a case, to future employers

  • Coordinating community service for the day after a plea, before client leaves town

  • Walking client into court-ordered programs to ensure smooth transition

  • Securing and delivering proof of completion documents to court clerk

  • Facilitating payment of booking fees and fines

  • Scanning and maintaining copies of files for years to answer questions as they come up

  • Appearing in court while client goes to work

  • Providing referrals for insurance, ignition interlock device, and court-ordered program locations

  • Providing referrals to counseling, sober living homes, and recovery programs

  • Requesting early termination of probation, so client can move on with life

  • Expungement & record clearing to help client move on with life

The list goes on…  What will it take to help get your life back on track?

"Don worked his magic and got his case dismissed with no court consequences."
- Selene J.
"After disappointing results from 4 other attorneys, I can directly compare quality of work I received, and say that Don is one of the best in metro LA. "
— Page M.
"Don... helped me through one of the biggest storms in my life."
- Melaine R.
"No charges were filed against me, it's like everything went away, Don is my go to lawyer from now on he is the only lawyer I will hire. Thank you so much Don."
— Roberto S.
"He's gotten great results for everybody I have sent his way."
- Zein E O.
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