Business Litigation: Motion to Compel Granted

Business litigation helps resolve partnership dispute

In a business litigation partnership dispute case regarding ownership of a restaurant, the defense refused to produce financial documents that would show the profits and expenses of the business. After a year of legal maneuvering, Mr. Hammond obtained an order compelling the defendant to produce nine years of bank statements, credit card statements, invoices and other financial documents that will show that our client was heavily involved with the business at its inception. This will support his allegations that he is a partner in the business and is entitled to a share of its substantial profits.

business litigation attorney san pedro
business litigation attorney san pedro

Business litigation cases are often complicated and the parties are not inclined to turn over essential information without a fight.  The California Code of Civil Procedure provides for a variety of discovery mechanisms, including document demands and written questions that a party gets so submit to the other side – and they have to answer!  When they evade and try to avoid providing the requested information, we ask the judge to order them to comply, under threat of sanctions from the court.  In some cases, if they don’t answer, they can be barred from presenting evidence at trial on that issue, or the court may deem them to have admitted facts that are beneficial to our case.  Mr. Hammond is experienced at handling these business litigation discovery disputes and getting the information needed to prove the case.

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