Arrested for Protesting or Curfew Violations?

We believe that it is the right of all Americans to question their government and demand justice.

If you have been arrested or know someone who has been arrested for protesting this past month in the Black Lives Matter marches or any other protest, we are here to help you.

Many of these arrests will not lead to charges, but the arrest can still show up on your record. 

Why is an arrest on your record bad?

An arrest on your record limits your employment opportunities and activities. Employers usually conduct background checks to determine whether a potential employee is law-abiding or not. An arrest on your record is a reason to exclude an individual for potential employment. 

Sealing one’s records makes you eligible for professional certificates, licenses, loan applications, and housing relief.

To learn more about the collateral impact of an arrest on your record, check out our article Collateral Effects of Arrest

An experienced attorney can get the arrest documents sealed, so you can legally say the arrest never happened.

What does it mean when we say we can have your arrest documents sealed? Check out our article about Sealing Arrest Records in California. We have videos explaining the process and eligibility requirements. 

If charges are filed, you’ll already have a great attorney in your corner to fight the case and mitigate the impact on your life. One great thing about hiring an attorney is that, in most cases, you don’t have to take time out of your busy life to go to court (not to mention virus exposure at the courthouse). Your attorney can go to court on your behalf, get all of the related evidence, evaluate options for resolving the case, and help you make an informed decision about moving forward.

Our office is taking these cases at the steeply discounted rate of $1,750, including any sealing or expungement that may be necessary down the line – that’s right – we’ll still be working on the case one to three years from now, and we won’t come back and ask for more money! To get started, e-mail a legible photo of your citation to [email protected].

We believe that you should not have to suffer longterm consequences for standing up for what you believe. For more information on how to protest peacefully and avoid arrest, check out our infographic and article located here. This is a difficult time for our Nation, and you do not have to go through this alone.

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