California Can NOT Make You Get a Bicycle License

California Can NOT Make You Get a Bicycle License


Now that California has officially increased its efforts to promote safer roads for pedestrians and cyclists, it’s important to keep a close eye on the new traffic laws in order to protect yourself while you’re out and about. 


Whether you live in the Golden State or plan on visiting soon, understanding these 2023 laws can help make your time there much smoother (and legal!). 


New Law affecting Cyclists


In 2023, starting a new decade filled with resolutions and goals has also brought budding change for bikers. The Bicycle Omnibus Bill (AB-1909) is giving cyclists four reasons to get excited! Drivers must now switch lanes when passing if they have the capability, and cities can no longer require bicycle licenses. 


Additionally, Class 3 electric bikes—the fastest biking option out there—can be used at certain locations without restriction statewide due to changes in the bill’s regulations – making roads safer than ever before!


These three changes will take effect in January 2023 but it looks like they’re in for a fourth! In 2024 bikers will be allowed to cross busy intersections with pedestrian signals instead of only at green traffic lights. This new addition is designed not just for convenience but also safety: giving riders an extra head start out on those hectic roads could help prevent any accidents from happening along their route.


Now that you’re all caught up on the new California traffic laws, be sure to reach out to Criminal Defense Heroes P.C. at +1 323-529-3660 if you have any questions or need assistance with anything related to these changes. Our knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorneys will be more than happy to help ensure that your rights are protected under the new legislation.