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Need help with your California CCW Application? Do you have questions about the CCW process? Is there something in your background that you are concerned about? Have you been denied a CCW permit before? Let us help! We offer a CCW application help service for $750.

The best time to get legal help is before you file your California CCW application.

Senate Bill 2 took effect on January 1, 2024, and changed the entire CCW application process. For a better understanding of the new process, check out our article here. A CCW permit may be issued by the head of any police agency. That may be the county sheriff or a local police chief, such as the Torrance Police Chief. So, you should file your application with the police agency that has jurisdiction where you live. The application has several questions that may be confusing to some people, especially people with prior involvement in the justice system.

The new California CCW application requires you to list all detentions, arrests, charges, restraining orders, terms of supervision during your entire life, even though the disqualifying statutes don’t go back that far for most offenses. You must also list all traffic violations and lawsuits that you have been a party to in the last five years. And whether you have been other than honorably discharged by the armed forces. Any “Yes” answer will require a detailed explanation. You also have to list 3 references that the investigator will talk to during the application process. Other questions address mental illness treatment and controlled substance use.

CCW Application Form. Need help filling out your application? Give us a call!

As part of our California CCW application assistance representation, we will provide a consultation to discuss the process and how we can help. Then, we will go over your background, make recommendations for steps to optimize your chances of success, and help craft answers to the questions on the application. We will also be available to discuss the process as it progresses. Then, if your application is denied, we will be in a good position to file an appeal in court. If your application is denied, we will credit the full $750 toward our fees for court representation.

Attorney Don Hammond at Criminal Defense Heroes, P.C. is experienced with firearms and CCW issues. In addition to being an NRA certified shooting instructor, Mr. Hammond is a Critical Response Attorney for the USCCA and on the attorney list for the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. If you need help with the CCW application process, give us a call today at  323-529-3660