CCW Licensing in California: Don on a Podcast!

The founder of Criminal Defense Heroes, P.C., Don Hammond, has been busy since getting the first ruling in L.A. County, overturning a CCW license denial. The legal landscape surrounding CCW licensing in California changed drastically on January 1, 2024. Don has spoken to NRA Neighborhood Councils, written articles, and appeared on podcasts. The prestigious Daily Journal asked Don to write an article about the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent 2nd Amendment decision in Rahimi.

Don recently appeared on the California Appellate Law Podcast to discuss the CCW licensing process. You can listen to the podcast at this link.

On the podcast, Don has a conversation with certified appellate law specialists Jeff Lewis and Tim Kowal regarding CCW licensing in California. Don explains the legal history that led to Senate Bill 2, which is the California legislature’s response to the United States Supreme Court decision in Bruen. Some parts of SB 2 are currently on hold in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, while the changes to California’s CCW licensing process have remained in effect.

Changes to CCW Licensing in California

SB 2 made California a “shall issue” state, subject to several enumerated reasons for denial of a CCW license. The new CCW licensing process includes changes to the application process, including a requirement to call references and to review the applicant’s publicly available information (think social media!). The new law also created a process to have a court hearing to challenge a CCW license denial in court. For a more comprehensive review of SB 2 and the process of appealing a denial, see our article here.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the California Appellate Law Podcast, where Don discusses the U.S. Supreme Court’s Rahimi case with Tim Kowal and Jeff Lewis. The case is about a federal law that prohibits firearm possession for people who are subject to a domestic violence restraining order.

At Criminal Defense Heroes, P.C., our attorneys have years of experience defending the gun rights of Californians. We understand the nuances of the law, including CCW licensing in California, and the best strategies for maintaining Second Amendment rights. Contact us today at 323-529-3660 for a consultation.

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