Father Reunited with Children

Father Reunited with Children

EDMUND D EDELMAN CHILDREN’S COURT – MONTEREY PARK, CA — After six months of negotiating and guiding my client through the process of counseling and reunification services, he was finally reunited with his children, and granted unsupervised visitation with his children.

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This case began as a domestic violence case where my client was accused of violence toward his wife, outside the presence of the children. It turns out that when she used the colloquial phrase “kicked her out” of the car, she didn’t really mean that he physically kicked her, but the police tried to twist her words. However, each parent called the babysitter to keep the kids away from the other. Not knowing what to do, the babysitter went to the police station. Next thing my client knew, his children were being taken away, and he was being charged with domestic violence.

While the case was pending, the children were placed with their maternal grandparents. A few months ago, the children were returned to their mother, with monitored visits approved for my client. But today, the court awarded unmonitored visits and allowed my client to move back in with his wife, as was their wish.

With my assistance, the domestic violence case was never filed against my client, and the L.A. City Attorney’s office declined to even file misdemeanor charges. However, the Department of Children and Family Services continued to pursue the custody case, insisting that my client was a danger to his children.

I’m proud to see this wonderful family reunited after many months of hard work. This is just one example of how a situation can be blown out of proportion. People often do not understand the full scope of possible consequences, and early consultation with a qualified attorney can help keep things from getting out of control.

In this case, a criminal conviction could have had major consequences for my client’s career, which requires security clearances. Avoiding a domestic violence case being filed meant a lot to him, but getting his children back means the world.