How to Evade the Police 101

Being a fugitive is presumably hard, but getting caught as a fugitive is a one way ticket to jail. Mastering the art of evading law enforcement requires patience, preparedness, and a whole lot of sacrifice. However, by following these simple steps like most successful fugitives, you might just avoid police detection long enough to start a new life in an exotic island far away from police interest.

1.     Be a Criminal… In Private

The first step towards evading the police is not getting caught in the act. The best place to do this is within the confines of your own house, away from any prying eyes that may later serve as witnesses against you. If they can’t see you, then they can’t arrest you. Moreover, the 4th Amendment explicitly protects your right to privacy and any law enforcement barging in without probable cause or an arrest warrant.

2.     Don’t Stick Out

This is a fairly obvious detail since evading the police successfully calls for being as inconspicuous as possible. Generally, police officers like to hassle anyone who sticks out like a sore thumb. While having a marijuana tag for a bumper sticker isn’t illegal, the message is very clear. Similarly, how you dress, wear your hair, or talk are some of the things you need to consider if you don’t want to catch the eye of a police officer. The trick is to try and be as ordinary and boring as possible.

3.     Lose Your Social Life

Unfortunately, disappearing also involves wrapping up what’s left of your social life. Police are good at milking information from people that are close to you by lulling them with promises of safety and no arrest. You might be tempted to keep a few friends and family close by, but that is also a HUGE risk. Cutting strong ties ensures that police don’t have a direct connection to your whereabouts. This may also not be a good time to post your rants on social media as those can be traced as well unless you are going online under an alias and crazy good, backer encryption code that traces back to Iceland instead of your home.

4.     Consider Using a  Burner Phone

Burner phones have been televised so long as the ultimate way to avoid police detection, and for good reason. Now that you’re a wanted criminal, police surveillance will be twice as hot. Law enforcement agencies will collaborate and monitor your calls, GPS location, or Bluetooth signals.  You can read more about police and government surveillance here. The best thing about these devices is that they are cheap and do not require a contract with any service provider so you can buy and dispose as many burner phones as you can. If you’re really good, you destroy and trash a burner phone after every call – single use.

5.     Play it Cool

In the unlikely event you get flagged down by a random police patrol, remember to play it cool. Don’t be too obvious about your distaste for law enforcement. When interacting with a police officer, there is a subtle yet tense battle for psychological dominance. The winner either gets a very convenient arrest or a free pass from unsuspecting law enforcement. Police don’t like hot heads so waving your rights like an entitled American won’t help unless you really want to make their work harder. Remember to be honest, polite, and respectful. Here are a few tips on how to handle the situation in case you get pulled over by highway police. In any case, you reserve your right to remain silent and object to unsolicited searches, especially if you have illegal contraband in your trunk!

6.     Be Prepared for A Car Chase

Here comes the fun part! If all your efforts to evade the police, thus far, have proven futile and you have to escape the clutches of law enforcement, literally, you better be prepared for a car chase. As a fugitive, all your actions should be thoroughly thought through and premeditated. This includes picking a ride or means of transport that suits your circumstances. While a heavy, sturdy car can endure harsh terrains, it might also make maneuvering heavy traffic difficult. Always make sure your getaway vehicle has enough fuel plus an extra jug of fuel. A good way to stay one step ahead of the police is to have a police scanner in your vehicle to check for ongoing police activity.

Evading the police is a serious crime in the State of California, which can warrant heavy penalties on top of charges for why you are fleeing in the first place. For that reason alone, we here at Criminal Defense Heroes advise against breaking the law and willfully eluding police custody. However, if you find yourself in criminal trouble and need an attorney, reach out to Don Hammond for expert legal service and a remedy to a potentially spiraling situation.

This article is for entertainment and information purposes only and in no way represents the attitudes, viewpoints, or legal advice of our law offices.