Restraining Order Issued


Restraining Order Issued

LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT, STANLEY MOSK COURTHOUSE — My elderly clients were referred to me when their live-in son became violent towards them and their grandchildren. I was able to help them get the protection they needed for themselves and their grandchildren, and to restore peace to their home.

restraining order issued - los angeles attorney don hammond san pedro
restraining order issued – los angeles attorney don hammond san pedro

There had already been several incidents that made my clients uncomfortable, and it all came to a head one night when the police were called to break up a fight between their son and a grandchild. After the fight, their son had threatened them and demanded that they move out of the house.

My clients wanted a restraining order against their violent son, and an order for him to move out of their house. Emotions were running high on both sides, and various family members wanted to testify for both sides. I interviewed seven family members that backed up my clients’ version of events and recounted several other instances of violence by their son.

At the hearing, we presented credible testimony from my clients as well as two other witnesses. Their son presented testimony of three witnesses, including himself. He wanted to stay in the home and make his parents – my clients – move out.

After three hours of testimony heard over the course of two days, the judge agreed with my clients. The judge issued a restraining order, protecting my clients from their violent son and allowing them to stay in the home. The restraining order will keep their son from harassing them for at least three years. The order of protection also results in restrictions on firearms ownership and other terms intended to protect the general public.

We don’t like to see a family in turmoil or torn apart, but when other methods of dispute resolution fail, getting a restraining order may be the only remaining option. In this case, we were able to help our clients get the protection that they so desperately needed, and to restore peace to their home, both for them and for their grandchildren.