Redondo Beach DUI Defense

In Redondo Beach, DUI defense requires expertise in police procedures, knowledge of DUI science, and relationships with the judges and prosecutors. Several Redondo Beach police officers have advanced training in DUI detection and enforcement. And the City Prosecutors office vigorously prosecutes DUI cases. There is one City Prosecutors office that handles cases for both Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach.

Redondo Beach DUI Defense

The Redondo Beach Police Department made 178 DUI arrests in 2019, and 293 in 2021.

Redondo Beach DUI Defense, Phase 1: Arraignment

For Redondo Beach DUI Defense, cases start out in Department 3 at the Torrance Courthouse. At the arraignment, your attorney will talk to the prosecutor, present mitigation, review the police reports, and negotiate an initial offer to resolve the case. Mitigation includes “good guy” docs such as letters and certificates, and evidence of collateral consequences. Collateral consequences may include immigration issues, employment impact, professional licensing, or anything else that demonstrates that a conviction will have a harsher impact on this defendant versus others. In DUI cases, the Redondo Beach City Prosecutors are open to discussing the unique impact a case will have on the defendant. This can lead to a better negotiated disposition of the case.

Redondo Beach DUI Defense, Phase 2: Pre-trial

If we are not able to reach a resolution of a Redondo Beach DUI Defense case at the initial stage, then the case will move to a pre-trial posture, where we may run various motions or continue to negotiate for a better outcome. At this stage, we will get body camera footage of the investigation and arrest. Redondo Beach police officers all wear body cameras, and the footage may reveal major issues in the case.

We may file a motion to suppress evidence for violations of the 4th Amendment, pursuant to PC 1538.5. This can include illegal searches and seizures. Maybe the police didn’t actually have a good reason to stop the defendant’s car. Or maybe they didn’t have probable cause to make the arrest. Or maybe the phlebotomist did not draw the blood in accordance with accepted medical practices.

Another motion that we may file is a motion to dismiss the case for prosecutorial delay, under a case called Serna. If it is appropriate to the case, we may file a motion to diversion.

Redondo Beach DUI Defense, Phase 3: Trial

Ultimately, each defendant has a right to take the case to trial. Trial is where we pick a jury of 12 citizens to decide whether the defendant is guilty of the charge. Before trial, we will file a variety of motions in an effort to exclude evidence and limit expert testimony. Trials can be long and challenging, but they can lead to the right result.

The DMV Process

Every alcohol DUI case also has a DMV component. We have to request a hearing within 10 days of the arrest. Then, we issue subpoenas to collect evidence. Finally, we use that evidence to argue why the defendant’s license should not be suspended. If we lose at the DMV hearing, then we can file an appeal to the superior court, called a Petition for Writ of Mandate.

Why Us?

At Criminal Defense Heroes, P.C., we have a track record of success in Redondo Beach DUI Defense cases. Our founder, attorney Don Hammond, has written a book about DUI defense. He has more training that the average police officer in DUI investigations. He has personally spent time in a lab, processing and testing human blood samples for alcohol. Don grew up in Redondo Beach, so her knows the local area. He also knows the local prosecutors and judges. If you or a loved one are facing a DUI charge in Redondo Beach or the surrounding areas, contact us today at 323-529-3660 for a free consultation.

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