The Power of AB 134 – No More Waiting for Expungements

The recent passing of AB 134 on July 10, 2023, marks a significant stride in the realm of criminal justice reform in California. Yet, while some commend its immediate effects, many may be misinterpreting its long-term implications. In this article, we shed light on AB 134, its interplay with key Penal Codes, and why trusting the government to take care of your expungement might be a waiting game you don’t want to play.

The Good News: No More Filing Fees for Expungements

Undoubtedly, the most celebrated facet of AB 134 is the elimination of filing fees for Petitions for Dismissal, commonly known as expungements. This initiative makes expungement more accessible, ensuring that financial constraints don’t impede an individual’s quest to clear their name.

The Caveat: Delayed Automatic Relief

While the government’s promise of “automatic relief” outlined in PC1203.425 painted a rosy picture, the fee-elimination of AB 134 has ironically delayed this anticipated relief. Some individuals have opted to wait for the government to automatically expunge their records. However, given the recent delay, the assurance of automatic relief looks less promising than before.

Understanding the Penal Codes Impacted by AB 134

Let’s delve into the relevant Penal Codes to comprehend the gravity of the situation:

  1. PC 1203.4:This code allows individuals who have completed probation for a crime to petition the court for a dismissal of the charges. If granted, the person is released from all penalties arising from the offense.
  2. PC 1203.4a: Pertaining to individuals who never received probation, this section allows for the dismissal of the misdemeanor charge if the individual maintained good behavior for a specified period after the offense.
  3. PC1203.4b: Specifically for those who have served in the California Conservation Camp program or Fire Camp, this section permits individuals to petition for relief. Learn more about Inmate Fire Fighting.
  4. PC1203.41: Individuals convicted of felonies and who served their sentence and one or two years have since passed.
  5. PC1203.42: This extends the provisions of PC 1203.4 to those who served time in state prison but would have “served their sentence in county jail” under today’s laws.

While these codes can be a beacon of hope, navigating their complexities without expert guidance might lead to missed opportunities or misunderstandings.

Why Trusting Criminal Defense Heroes, P.C. Is Your Best Bet

  1. Expertise: Our team is well-versed with the intricacies of these Penal Codes. We know how to tailor each case to fit the specific criteria and maximize your chances for dismissal. Read more about what makes a great expungement lawyer here.
  2. Time: Relying on the government’s promise of automatic relief can be a gamble. Time is precious, and every day with a criminal record can have lasting implications on job prospects, housing, and more.
  3. Personalized Approach: No two cases are identical. We provide a personalized strategy, ensuring that your unique circumstances receive the attention they deserve.

In Conclusion about California AB 134 Expungements

The promise of AB 134 is commendable, yet its delayed execution leaves many in limbo. Don’t entrust your future to uncertainty. At Criminal Defense Heroes, P.C., we’re here to champion your right to a clean slate. Instead of waiting for the uncertain “automatic relief,” trust the heroes to get your expungement done today.

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