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In Torrance, DUI Defense is complicated by the various prosecuting and agencies that are involved. At the Torrance Courthouse, three different prosecuting agencies can bring misdemeanor DUI cases: (1) Torrance City Attorney; (1) Redondo Beach or Hermosa Beach City Prosecutors; or (3) the District Attorney’s office. Which agency prosecutes the case depends on which police department arrested the defendant, and sometimes where they arrested the defendant.

Generally, the Torrance City Attorney’s office will prosecute cases where the Torrance Police Department made the arrest. However, they also prosecute some cases where the California Highway Patrol made the arrest. The Redondo/Hermosa City Prosecutors prosecute cases where the Redondo Beach Police Department or the Hermosa Beach Police Department arrested the defendant. Finally, the DA’s office prosecutes all other DUI cases at the Torrance Courthouse, including cases from Manhattan Beach, Lomita Sheriff’s Department, Palos Verdes, and some CHP cases. The DA’s office also handles all felony cases, regardless of the arresting agency.

Each prosecuting agency at the Torrance Courthouse has its own criteria for filing cases. And each agency looks at different factors when deciding how to resolve a case. In every case, we review the police reports and lab documents for errors and we put together a mitigation package for each client. In a Torrance DUI Defense case, mitigating factors may include job consequences, immigration consequences, community service history, AA meetings attended, church involvement, and more. The various prosecuting agencies may give different weight to these factors. For a deeper discussion of DUI case reduction options, see our article here.

Torrance DUI defense

Recent Torrance Courthouse DUI Case Data

Recent data shows that DUI case filing numbers at the Torrance courthouse vary widely over time and by arresting agency. Each of these cases requires a Torrance DUI defense attorney to fight for optimal results.

The Redondo Beach Police Department made 178 DUI arrests in 2019, and 293 in 2021.

The Hermosa Beach Police Department made 91 DUI arrests in 2019, and 117 in 2021.

The Torrance Police Department made 172 DUI arrests in 2019 and 127 in 2021. The City Attorney’s office filed 100 DUI cases in 2022 and 180 DUI cases in 2023.

The Palos Verdes Estates Police Department made 48 DUI arrests in 2019, then only 26 in 2020, 19 in 2021.

Why The Variation?

Covid lockdowns caused a downturn in DUI arrests across the state of California during 2020 and 2021. Now, we are seeing an increase in Torrance DUI defense cases.

Another factor that led to a decrease in DUI arrests was the advent of rideshare services. These services give people an easily accessible option when planning to go out drinking. As Lyft and Uber prices increase, more people are willing to take the risk rather than plan for a safe and sober ride home.

What to do if You are Arrested for DUI in Torrance

The most important thing to do after any DUI arrest is to contact a local, qualified Torrance DUI defense attorney to help you through this process. A DUI arrest kicks off two completely separate process: (1) a court process which can lead to jail time; and (2) a DMV process to suspend your driver license. It is imperative that we request a DMV hearing within 10 days of the arrest to prevent an automatic license suspension.

At Criminal Defense Heroes, P.C., we know DUI law and science. We are based in Torrance and we know the local prosecutors and judges. We know the DMV hearing officers at the local Driver Safety Office. Our attorneys are well suited to get the best possible results in your Torrance DUI defense case. For immediate help, call us at (323) 529-3660.

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