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We help our clients triumph over adversity. Even if you committed a domestic violence crime, you should not have to face the challenge alone or the harshest punishments. Together we can overcome any challenge. Our law office will not rest until your case is settled and your life is not just back on track, but even better than before.

At Criminal Defense Hero, we have a great record of getting domestic violence cases rejected, reduced, or dismissed, but each case is different and must be handled very carefully and urgently. Because of the COVID-19 Quarantine, domestic violence arrests are on the rise right now, as people are stuck at home with their loved ones – or people they thought they loved. We can help get your record cleared. Domestic violence charges are usually eligible for expungement after probation is completed.

"Don worked his magic and got his case dismissed with no court consequences."
- Selene J.
"After disappointing results from 4 other attorneys, I can directly compare quality of work I received, and say that Don is one of the best in metro LA. "
— Page M.
"Don helped me through one of the biggest storms in my life."
- Melaine R.
"No charges were filed against me, it's like everything went away, Don is my go to lawyer from now on he is the only lawyer I will hire."
— Roberto S.
"He's gotten great results for everybody I have sent his way."
- Zein E O.
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What You Need to Know about Domestic Violence Charges

  1. Early Intervention is Key

    Domestic violence cases are tricky and require immediate assistance with shaping the narrative.  A lot of progress can be made by a great attorney contacting the detective before the case is filed in court.

2. Types of Domestic Violence Charges

  • 273.5 (corporal injury to spouse)
  • 243(e)(1) (spousal battery)
  • 422 (criminal threats)
  • 594 (vandalism).
  • Many of these charges can also lead to firearms prohibitions, even as misdemeanors.

3. No Accusation Takesies-Backsies

The most common domestic violence call that we get is “my boyfriend was arrested the other night for hitting me, but now I want to drop the charges.”  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple – a complaining witness or victim cannot simply drop the charges once a case is set in motion.  The best thing to do at that point is to hire a great criminal defense attorney for the person who was arrested.  In cases where the victim is not cooperating with the government, a skilled attorney can get great results, but you need an attorney who is willing to go the distance and answer ready for trial.

4. Beware of Restraining Orders

At the first court appearance, the prosecutor will always ask for a restraining order while the case is pending, and a full stay-away order will be granted, unless the alleged victim is there in court to say that he or she does not want that – then we can argue for a peaceful contact order while the case is pending.  That proceeding alone can have a major impact on the case, and on the lives of the defendant and the alleged victim.  If a full stay away order is in place, the defendant will have to live somewhere else while the case is pending.

5. Making Sure It Never Happens Again

If there are underlying issues that contributed to the alleged domestic violence incident, we can help our client address them.  We regularly connect clients to alcohol and drug treatment, anger management programs, therapists, counselors, mental health professionals, and more.  Getting enrolled in a court-approved domestic violence program early in the process can also help the case.  Mental Health Diversion and Veterans Diversion programs are available for domestic violence cases.

Our extraordinary service goes the extra mile for you.

Being accused of a crime, including domestic abuse, is a very stressful time in your life.  We are committed to providing the best possible service to minimize your stress during this difficult time period.  We go the extra mile to help keep your life from falling apart.  Examples of extraordinary actions we have taken to help past clients include:

  • Recovering clients’ property from police/sheriff’s departments

  • Mailing clients’ property to family members

  • Coordinating transfer of storage unit to a clients’ family member

  • Providing transportation to and from court

  • Calling clients’ employers to explain missed work

  • Subpoenaing clients’ medical records

  • Sending explanation letters regarding circumstances of a case, to future employers

  • Walking client into court-ordered programs to ensure smooth transition

  • Securing and delivering proof of completion documents to court clerk

  • Facilitating payment of booking fees and fines

  • Scanning and maintaining copies of files for years to answer questions as they come up

  • Appearing in court while client goes to work

  • Providing referrals to counseling, sober living homes, and recovery programs

  • Requesting early termination of probation, so client can move on with life

  • Expungement & record clearing to help client move on with life

The list goes on…  What will it take to help get your life back on track?