Domestic Assault – DA Declines to File Charges

DA drops charges in domestic assault arrest, client released

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On January 20, 2015, a domestic dispute occurred between our client and an ex-boyfriend.  Two days later, on January 22, the police called her in to talk about the incident.  After she told them that she hit him, they arrested her for domestic assault instead of trying to understand the full picture of what led to the dispute. She and her family elected not to bail her out of jail, pending arraignment.  Instead, they hired us.  We contacted the prosecutor and told her about the real facts of the case — how the ex-boyfriend had followed our client home and entered her property without consent and then proceeded to intimidate her.  After speaking with Mr. Hammond, the Los Angeles County District Attorney decided not to file formal domestic assault charges against our client.  When the client was released from custody, Mr. Hammond waited with her until her family arrived to take her home.

When an incident occurs and you are asked to come speak with the police, it’s always a good idea to bring a qualified criminal defense attorney who can make sure the story stays straight and prevent you from unknowingly making incriminating statements that might land you in handcuffs.  Even if you are the victim, a criminal defense attorney can help you frame your story in a way that will ensure that the police listen to you, rather than arrest you.  In this case, our client was clearly the victim, but ended up spending four nights in the Los Angeles County Jail because of how she framed her story.  Fortunately, she had a very supportive family who called her in sick to her employer and hired Don Hammond to bring her home.