Assault with a Deadly Weapon Charges Dropped

Assault with a deadly weapon in San Pedro – DA drops charges

Our client contacted us regarding his arrest for Assault with a Deadly Weapon.  We took swift action to meet with the client and understand the facts that gave rise to the arrest and possible felony criminal charges under California Penal Code section 245.

assault deadly weapon charges dropped san pedro attorney
assault deadly weapon charges dropped san pedro attorney

As it turns out, our client left his children upstairs to go check out a guy who was looking through mailboxes at the apartment complex.  Another neighbor came out with a club from his car, and the police observed this all from a nearby restaurant.  They thought our client and the neighbor with the club were working together, so they arrested both for Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

After getting these facts from the client, we contacted the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.  After speaking with Mr. Hammond about the case, the DA’s office declined to prosecute our client.

Assault cases can be very complicated and the police and prosecutors’ investigations may not turn up all of the facts.  The best time to consult with counsel if before you are formally charged with a criminal assault charge.  As in this case, we can talk to the prosecutor before charges are filed, fill them in on the facts and hopefully get the charges dropped.  Of course, if criminal assault charges are filed, we stand ready to defend you against them.  An felony assault with a deadly weapon can often be reduced to a simple assault misdemeanor, or a complete defense may be available, such as self defense or defense of others.

In this case, our client was arrested and posted bail before we became involved. However, we have relationships with bail bond companies that can save clients money on their bail.  Also, sometimes bailing out is not the best strategy.