Expungement Granted – Orange County, CA


Expungement sought to aid citizenship quest

expunge convictions california san pedro attorney
expunge convictions california san pedro attorney

In 1990, our client was convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Grand Theft as a part of an insurance scheme. 25 years later, this old conviction was causing her problems at the border as she travels frequently, and holding up her quest for U.S. citizenship. In February, she contacted the Law Office of Donald R. Hammond and met with Mr. Hammond to discuss the expungement process. We gathered the necessary paperwork and filed a petition for dismissal to expunge her conviction within the week. On April 6, 2015, the Orange County Superior Court granted the petition and dismissed the 25-year old case against our client. We have now connected the client with immigration counsel to help her obtain her U.S. citizenship.

Expungement is a process by which many California crimes can be removed from one’s criminal record.  Under California Penal Code section 1203.4, people can petition to set aside their guilty plea or jury verdict, enter a plea of not guilty and then dismiss the charges against them.  This remedy is available as soon as the defendant is off probation.  Some cases are more complicated and require additional supporting evidence to demonstrate to the court that the individual is working to improve his/her life and the old conviction is somehow holding him/her back.  Contact your California expungement attorneys at the Law Office of Donald R. Hammond to discuss cleaning up your old convictions.


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